I was driven to swim the length of Loch Ness to raise funds for Trust in Education, an organization that provides education and health services to women and children in Afghanistan.  

Your donation allows girls to get an education and to make a difference in their community.  Its been proven over and over again, educating girls opens the door to stability and change.


Trust in Education is a grassroots organization, providing educational, economic and health care assistance to villages in Afghanistan. Over the past ten years, Trust in Education has expanded from one school of 120 children, to supporting classes in 10 villages that by 2017 helped educate more than 1,300 children.  Founder Budd McKenzie is fond of saying, “We can’t be short distance runners (or swimmers).”

Trust in Education has made education a high priority, either developing schools, building community learning centers, sponsorship of street children to attend school, enhancing under-funded government schools, or adding after school classes, libraries, playgrounds, soccer fields and soccer programs. 

The opportunity to combine my love of open water and desire to help kids in Afghanistan motivated me to swim in the cold and dark waters of Loch Ness. But, it takes more than just me swimming solo across Loch Ness. With your support of Trust in Education, we can make a difference.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about the work being done by Trust in Education. Talking about the dire circumstances kids face in Afghanistan is also a powerful step to changing their lives.

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