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In August  2017, I swam the length of Loch Ness, in western Scotland.  The loch is long and narrow, approximately 22 miles long. On the day of my swim, the water was 50°F/10°C. I swam in just a suit, cap and googles.

What is that motivated me?

Kids in Afghanistan. They are born into one of the poorest countries of the world. And their hopes are grim unless they can rise above the despair by getting an education.

This swim is part of an ongoing fundraising effort to raise $100,000 with the help of donors like you. 100% of all donations go directly to Trust in Education.


Why Loch Ness

Swimming Loch Ness was one of my most difficult swims. Yet, it was well worth the long hours in the cold water. It was the last swim that my sister helped with. I’m forever grateful for her presence.

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Please consider making a difference in the lives of Afghan kids by

supporting Trust in Education with your donation. Every bit helps.

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About Patti

Why I do ultra swims and a list of past ultra-marathon swims.


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Photography by Kate Webber and Joe Lindsay


Production Company: BANDIT
Director: Christopher Hall
DP: Joe Lindsay
Editor/Color: Sean Gillane
Assistant Camera: Lane Genzlinger