Tapering Is Not Just for Athletes

Taper is usually a favorite word for athletes.  But, it really could be a powerful word for anyone no matter what you do.

The definition that I like best is ‘a gradual narrowing’.  For getting ready for Loch Ness, it means a lot less yardage and time in the water swimming.  I taper from a peak yardage of 40K per week to 15K this week.  Lower weekly yardage means that I'll be recharged and ready to swim 22 miles across Loch Ness.

Simultaneously, I narrow how I spend my time. I still put a good amount of  time into my marketing role at Salesforce but I sleep more, spend more time with friends and have more capacity all around.  I feel like I achieve more and its more rewarding.

The value of a taper is the premise of a favorite book called Accomplish More by Doing Less by Marc Lesser.    This book is full of wisdom for everyday life.  Narrowing time spent ruminating and speculating on a future state allows space for clarity and focus . 

With this tapper, Im reminded that when I narrow my focus to things that are really important and that are in the present moment, I can accomplish a whole lot more.  Whether at work, at home, in my relationships or swimming across a lake.

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