Where I've Gotten Additional Help Along the Way:

Sports Nutrition:

The Performance Zone        Ivy and Portman
Feed Zone Portables           Dr. Allen Lim, chef Biju Thomas from Skratch Labs

Mental Training:

Brain Training for Runners   Matt Fitzgerald
Fit Soul Fit Body                  Mark Allen
Sport and Meditation           Sri Chinmoy

Marathon Swimming Sites:

Marathon Swimmers Forum
Daily News of Open Water Swimming

Super Helpful Stuff to Use:

Safe Sea - Jellyfish repellent
Desitin - zinc oxide/anti-chaffing. Mixed with

    Safe Sea and lanolin makes a long

    lasting jelly repellent.
Now Foods Lanolin - anti-chaffing

Skratch - electrolyte drink
Perpetuem from Hammer - endurance drink
Protein Powder from Hammer - recovery drink

Justin's Nut Butter
Doc's ProPlug vented ear plugs


​​Help from friends and family

Its not possible to do these types of swims alone.  

Im forever grateful to:
// Family and friends: Give me constant encouragement

and support and get me through the tough times.
// Training partners: Push me, motivate me and make each workout fun.
// Crew support: Watch over me, feed me, make me laugh and rescue me if needed. 
// Coaches: Focus me on the right things and technique.  Coaching is an art and science and I rely on these experts.