Empower Through Education

No One Left Behind

By tutoring Afghan refugee kids, I have seen the challenges and learned about the tragic hardship kids face in Afghanistan. They do not choose to live in the stark harshness that exists today in Afghanistan (BBC report on street children in Kabul). Education is the best course for these kids and the best chance for peace.

Education Is Key

After reading about Room to Read I was inspired by their focus on quality education and helping kids reach their full potential so they contribute to their community and the world. Shortly after, I learned about Trust in Education (TIE), a San Francisco bay area non-profit organization. TIE has made education a high priority, either developing schools, building community learning centers, sponsorship of street children to attend school, enhancing under-funded government schools, or adding after school classes, libraries, playgrounds, soccer fields and soccer programs. They also focus on healthcare so women and girls can live a productive life.

How To Help

​Ultra-marathon swimming allows me to help raise awareness of the importance of education to the children of Afghanistan and take steps towards bringing peace to this region. My goal is to continue to raise money beyond my initial goal of $5,000 for Trust in Education. My solo marathon swims are one of many fund raising efforts.

Any contribution is deeply appreciated. Thank for your consideration and generosity.